The Rise of Visual Search in 2021


Search Engine Optimization is a relatively new term in the world of marketing strategies. SEO is meant to be natural or organic lead generation. In general, organic SEO consists of ensuring that the search engine bots can recognize what’s on your website and so, ideally, they will rank your site higher above your competitors. Search engine optimization is one of the key elements in any Search Engine Optimization plan. It includes keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, designing webpages, and the use of various tactics like Pay-Per-Click and SEO Hosting etc.

The most popular method of Search Engine Optimization is Pay-Per-Click. With Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Optimization, you pay only when someone clicks on one of your advertisements. This is a good way to generate traffic as visitors don’t have to wait long to see your results page (which is usually your website’s home page). However, Pay-Per-Click results are not guaranteed to bring you quality traffic and can, in fact, cost you money if your ads are not clicked on.

Search Engine Optimization is getting more popular day by day. People don’t want to read ads; they want to look at the search results, which are displayed right after the users click on the links. So, with this kind of Search Engine Optimization, you must target your keywords, which should comprise of the key phrases and words used to search for products and services. Make sure that your keyword phrase is well integrated into your web content, titles and Meta tags, etc. This way your Search Engine Optimization efforts will be successful.

Pay-per-click Search Engine Optimization is the method in which advertisers pay Search Engines only when their ads are clicked. There are two different kinds of Pay-per-click Search Engine Optimization – organic and the pay-per-click search engines. In organic SEO methods advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked; this kind of Search Engine Optimization is totally organic. Organic SEO uses Search Engine Optimization techniques that are completely natural. The organic SEO is also considered to be the best SEO technique. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo use algorithms which determine the relevancy of websites based on the keywords and the relevance of the ad copy; in organic search engines, the keywords are the ones used to generate the search results.

Social Media Marketing is a relatively new SEO method.

Social media marketing or SMM involves using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, YouTube, Flickr and others, along with the pay-per-click Search Engine Optimization. Social media tends to be very affected by what people are searching for, therefore it can be an excellent source of traffic. To make SMM effective, one has to consider the number of clicks a person will make on his or her advertisement. For instance, if a person searches “poker” on Facebook then he or she may click on an advertisement for a “poker room”, thus leading to more people joining the poker room and potentially creating more potential customers.

SEO professionals who use pay-per-click Search Engine Optimization methods to generate organic traffic often focus on first page positions. First page positions to get the most traffic because they appear at the top of the search results or the list of first results. Although it is true that the first page positions to get the most traffic, it is worth noting that it is not always the case that paying for these first page positions guarantee success. One should however focus on generating high quality inbound traffic that converts into leads.

Organic traffic is not just from search engines.

One can also generate organic traffic from links provided by other websites. Incoming links from other websites usually come from other websites with high PR i.e. the website owner may have higher PR and thus be able to rank better in the search engines and thus create more organic traffic.

If the goal of your website is to be on the first page of the search results then Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Optimization will not help you achieve this. There are tools and techniques available such as paid ads that can be used to help you get better rankings.

  • Paid ads can improve your click through rates and hence increase your chances of getting leads and sales.
  • If your goal is to be listed on the second page or third page then Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Optimization may help you achieve this.
  • As there are now several options for Search Engine Optimization, one can easily look for a solution that suits his or her business needs best.