Can Photography and Office 365 mix?


Microsoft Office 365 is basically a bundle of subscription services for Microsoft Office products, delivered as part of a Microsoft Office suite. It offers several value-added services like shared outlook calendar, shared address book, and a number of other subscription services. However, it also has some drawbacks, which we will discuss later on in this article. One of its great features is the Word application, which allows you to edit any text document. Many people have found this feature very useful, but the downside is that you cannot edit any image attachments using this feature.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is also included as a part of the suite.

Live Meeting helps you easily share your PowerPoint slides or any screen capture you have taken with your Microsoft Surface with everyone in the same conference room. Nowadays, many people are switching to smartphones over desktops and using them to take all their business communications and documents on the go. In order to make sure you can keep your office suite apps up to date, you should download Microsoft Office Live Meeting apps from the Windows Store. It is also good to make a backup of your work before installing Live Meeting, which is done automatically after installation.

Microsoft Office Online has been one of the biggest innovations in the software suite.

Online allows you to access your files and spreadsheets from any location, anytime you want. Microsoft Office Online offers various features such as creating PDFs and making mark-up notes. It is good for small businesses that need to access their works from remote locations. Microsoft Office Online is available in different formats like the PDF, Excel, and Power Point, which are designed specifically for small businesses.

Microsoft Office Professional is a full version word processor and spreadsheet applications that can be downloaded for free. Although it is one of the cheapest suites available, it has not received many updates since its release. Microsoft Office Professional has a few drawbacks compared to other Microsoft Office products. The main drawback is that it lacks any of Microsoft Office tools such as Word Panel or Excel Panel. Office for Mac is also available for a slightly higher price as compared to the Microsoft Office Professional.

Yammer is another useful application for users that don’t require extensive features. Yammer is a social network client that helps you stay connected to your colleagues and your friends. The suite includes four apps – Groups, News, Record, and Conversation. These four apps were added in mid-2021. Yammer was one of the first enterprise apps to receive a major update – it now includes a single sign-on experience for companies with Windows and Outlook editions.

Microsoft Teams is a business collaboration tool that helps you organize tasks, projects, and conversations across multiple team members, groups, or contacts. It helps in group development by letting participants view each other’s files, comments, and other activities online. You can easily search for files, notes, and discussions and even set reminders. Microsoft Teams is a business enabler. With the new Single Sign-On feature of Yammer for Business, any existing or future MS Teams accounts can be accessed without having to create new accounts.

One of the most interesting offerings from Microsoft Office 365 is the Active Directory Installer. Active Directory is an environment that stores information about user groups and helps in managing access to files, folders, and printers. This offering from Microsoft comes as a surprise but it has proved useful in many organizations. The installation wizard lets you install Active Directory on your PC without any previous knowledge. It also enables you to manage the Active Directory like a typical file manager.

  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting is a video-conferencing tool that was previously known as Live Meeting.
  • Live Meeting includes a group chat application along with a number of presentation features that help you present data in a more interactive way.
  • The Live Meeting suite was previously known as Microsoft PowerPoint Live.