gg-e-hookah-pensWhether you’re new to hookah or not, hookah pens are probably on your radar if you’re reading this. Maybe you’re a hookah enthusiast looking to try all things hookah; maybe you heard about them from a friend and have had your curiosity piqued. Whatever your motivation, you probably just need that one last push to try out these fun pens. Below we’ve listed our two favorite reasons to try out a hookah pen today at 
Enjoy Hookah On Your Own
For regular hookah pipe users, enjoying a smoke on one’s own can get awkward. Pipes are built for socializing, so sitting at one by yourself can be lonely and have the exact opposite effect of what you were going for. With the electronic pens, you can enjoy a hookah smoke by yourself, without having to get out your pipe, load it, and then clean it all by yourself.
Try Different Things For Half The Cost
When you smoke a pen by yourself, you have the chance to try many different flavors that you might not have had before. Have you always wanted to try a cinnamon flavor, but none of your friends would try it in a pipe with you? Now you can have that hookah adventure without offending your friends. Best of all, hookah pens are relatively inexpensive, starting as low as $5 for a few hundred puffs. Compare that to buying shisha for a pipe on your own, and that’s some serious savings!
There’s nothing lame about trying electronic pens on your own. They let you smoke in private and enjoy a good hookah by yourself. You’ll have room to smoke and read at the same time. You will probably be amazed at all the new possibilities you have at your fingertips when you try a hookah pen.